Evony: The King's Return MOD V4.36.2
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Evony: The King's Return
  • Version: 4.36.2
  • Size: 739.21 MB
  • Updated: 2022-11-30
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  • Introduce Evony with The Kings Return.
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  • Gain access to new areas with additional levels by upgrading your location.
  • A battle featuring many All-Star combatants takes place in the Epic All-Star Battlefield.
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  • Evony: The King's Return MOD Features

    - Unlimited Rewards
    - Removed Ads

    Introduce Evony with The Kings Return.

    The most epic medieval battle field!


    You are placed in the role of a leader responsible for an already chosen city or country. Your only responsibility is to protect your populace from enemy forces while also encouraging new land invasions, territorial expansions and the gathering of materials for further empire development.


    In Evony: The Kings Return, players must choose a land where they hold full power and leadership. There are 7 different civilizations— including three others besides the first option. Europe is great at harvesting stone, cavalry and the ability to recruit soldiers more quickly than other lands. China excels at researching new weapons and creating large armies with strong infantry. They have a large territory and military capacity. The military advantages Japan gains come from their superior manufacturing speed, greater supplies of infantry and superior manufacturing. Korea has many wood resources. This allows their army to excel at long-range combat and to quickly recover from injuries. Ameria has the largest resources; one of them is gold. It also has many heavy siege weapons and the ability to quickly train soldiers. Russia excels at mining thanks to their speedy mining speed. They also possess fast trap crafting speed with cavalry. In my opinion, the countries in the game Evony: The Kings Return share many similarities to its real-life counterparts. This is a big draw for me as I play the game— it reminds me of my own home country! No matter where you choose to lead, your decisions have both positive and negative aspects. It's important to be compatible with each other so you can turn the situation around. Flexibility is key— if you're not flexible, your land limits your vision and leadership skills. The game has many sections with many levels. Each level is a pin-the-tailline puzzle that must be completed by pulling pins. To travel where they need to go, characters must sequence the peg pulls in the right direction. This is because increasingly difficult puzzles and pitfalls require focused attention to solve.

    Gain access to new areas with additional levels by upgrading your location.

    You need to continually make appropriate decisions to successfully complete the various puzzles you encounter. Doing so helps you earn greater pay, finance and employees for your armies. Additionally, you need to combine your efforts with your intellect to exploit the natural resources of the land. Doing so helps you create a more sustainable future with more developed rear areas like barracks, training camps and other essential facilities. From there, you can design the type, quantity and location of these works based on your chosen direction of development. Creating a strong economy and providing a defense are key to territory creation. Additional focus should be placed on building agricultural farms, defensive enclaves and processing zones for agricultural products. In order to conquer new territories, you need to focus on developing military training camps and weapons manufacturing facilities. Additionally, you need many recruitment centers— otherwise your efforts won't go anywhere. You must always guard your lands from creatures that invade them. After vanquishing these monsters, you often discover valuable resources. Waiting times in Evony: The Kings Return can be reduced with the use of in-game currency purchased through real money. This allows players more time to complete construction, research and resource extraction processes. Additionally, purchasing higher level items helps reduce the time needed for each process. You can manage 3 main military units in the game through both training and recruiting soldiers. These are the army, navy, and air force. When training Infantry, they gain high defense, health and combat bonuses. They can be trained in a barracks even while waiting for departure. In battle, Gunner's longer-range skills provide him with higher health and defense than other classes. But his higher attack power and ability to cover the entire battlefield make him a better choice for infantry than other classes. Archery training camps must be built first. This is because archers must be trained there. Cavalry has higher damage and health than infantry, but no ranged ability and a lower combat speed. They can be trained in stables or barracks. Training soldiers with access to wood, stone and food improves their training efficiency. Additionally, long-term training benefits from specific time and place. To create a powerful military, you need to secure these three resources. Each land only has the strength of one of these resources, so you'll have to fight guerrilla warfare to occupy mines or forests; this will help you create a strong army.

    A battle featuring many All-Star combatants takes place in the Epic All-Star Battlefield.

    Evony is one of the few MMORPGs with beautifully crafted graphics. Its long-term events have attracted gamers from all over the world. However, that’s not enough to say about The Kings Return. This game features many All-Star battle grounds with a special feature: they regularly have larger battlefields than the other games. It's divided into multiple rounds around the world — with more than 300 ranked locations — and includes three continents. In order to play hard and secure the most prestigious loot, this qualifier splits participants into four groups. A participant in group one can look forward to finding an Amaterasu Dragon egg; participants in groups two through four can anticipate finding Parade of the Queen of Egypt effect, Gothic Revival Castle Ornaments and Dragon Shadow Avatar frames. The Monarchs are only two groups instead of the usual four, which alters the rules for semi-finals. The winner is the one with the highest score and crown; the rules are the same as qualifying.

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    Evony: The Kings Return can be played on a smartphone with the screen oriented vertically. This limits the width of the battlefield relative to its intense nature.point is the graphics are very sharp.

    Evony: The King's Return

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    Evony: The King's Return

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    Evony: The King's Return

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